an american cff team

2a here we come

We are for season 7. We were promoted to 2a, where we will compete against a lot of teams we have had exciting races against in the past.


Promotion to 2nd division

We are now sure that we will promote to the 2nd division. We hope that we will do well, but we can’t expect better than top 25. We should be sure that we will be away from relegation.

An update

An update:
Trevor Simpson won SCyclingUSA’s first tour ever, when he won Swiss Tour S6.
Noah Rørvik, Cristian Adamsen, Jack Finn and Johny Nilsson are doing well in the Tour de France S6.
Krisztian scored a win in the tour de france cobblestones stage, and we are close to be promoted to the 2.division for the first time. Next season we though need a new hiller than Sam Overall, because he will turn 30 next season, and will start decreasing in hills.
Tony Greenberg is not good enough in the hills.

The USA U21 team is doing very well this season, with some surprising and great results, we are right now in 3rd after 7 stages.

Christoff Hagemann joins SCyclingUSA

Christoff Hagemann just signed with SCyclingUSA. He is primarily a climber, but can with some flat training in the future become a great tour rider. He hates hills.

Christoff Hagemann Alder : 19 Løn : 557
Udholdenhed : 32 Sprint : 16 Bjerge : 69
Flad vej : 33 Brosten : 3 Teknik : 54
Nedkørsel : 56 Bakker : 12 Explosivitet : 11
Tidskørsel : 2 Holdarbejde : 69 Rutine : 0

Draft – rider fired

Today we had to fire one of our new 19 yo riders, so we can get one in the draft tomorrow. Wilt Sutton would have been fired instead, if he wasn’t for sale right now. We had to fire a better rider than him 😦

Come on with a great american climber.

Season 6

SCyclingUSA are ready for a new season in 3e. We have a bunch of riders, that are ready to battle for top 5 in the Tours.
We will continue finding great climbing talents and hope that those will be pros in the future.

Trevor Simpson, Noah Rørvik, Cristian Adamsen, Erik Krisztian and Sam Overall will be the top riders this season.

Great start of the Tour de France

Noah Rørvik, Stephen Jones, Trevor Simpson and Cristian Adamsen started out great in the Tour de France. All in top 20, but we’ll see how the manage to perform in the upcoming stages.